Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Now, whenever i go back to malaysia, i will walk past the kose counter. Since it is hari raya, there are lots of promotion sets going on. I thought this set is pretty cheap. You get the white powder wash, the famous sekkisei lotion and the emulsion. Sekkisei is known for whitening effect and Kose is a japan company. Put whitening + japan together you get GOOD results.

The powder is quite drying so it suited malaysia weather. I turned into a black pig after staying in the sun too long in france. So to save my skin, i used sekkisei for a few days. I didn't want to look too pale and hence, i only used it for a few days. I must say im very impressed with its whitening abilities. Only after a few days, my skin is brighter. 
This is the texture of the emulsion. It's light milky lotion which goes over the face quite easily. I think this is a good skincare for summer. Defintiely worth a try as it's quite cheap. Try or

Off to trelise cooper sale this morning. There is a clearance sale at 8 lion place newmarket!

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