Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sana Soybean products

Since Sana whitening essence, i bought the cleanser, toner and lotion to try as well. It's really cheap and worth it!!!

So I bought
1. Sana soybean cleanser
    This is so so. It cleanses okay but doesn't do wonders. I prefer ACMEDICA Medicated Deep Wash (100 g)
2. Sana soybean whitening toner
   This is pretty good. Its mild and gentle on the face and i can feel it whitens any acne scar that i have. Mind you since i started using sana essence, i havent got much flare ups.
3. Sana arrbutin lotion
  I think this is a bit rich for me. But its very moisturizing and great when i get dry skin spell

Global Keratin straightening

I haven't blogged for a while as I was being lazy and preparing for my trip overseas. I'm sure i will buy even more products overseas!!!
Anyway the latest craze is "global keratin straightening". For those who doesn't know it is just like japanese ion straightening except it doesn't damage the hair. Too good to be true? I thought so too.
I have tried japanese straightening many times and each time i ended up with much shorter hair as they had to cut off the damaged ends.

I did mine at Hype Hair Design at Forrest Hill Auckland. It took about 2-3 hours. Not long at all compared to the japanese straightening i did back in March for 5 hours!!!

These are the steps.
1. Wash your hair with purifying shampoo
2. Cover your hair with global keratin
3. Blow dry it
4. Straighten it

Thats it!!! How come it works?! Not sure....apparently it coats the hair with keratin and makes it heavier? And hence straight?!?!

It costed me 350 but i had to buy shampoo and conditioner so total is whooooping NZD430!!!

I had to refrain from washing hair for 2 days! When i first washed it, i was scared it will go all frizzy again. But.....the results were great!! My hair is soft, smoother and straighter. I only spend like 5 minutes blow drying it now compared to 20 minutes.

highly recommended but expensive :(