Friday, December 4, 2009

Ginvera Marvel Gel review

I must say i like this product!!! I bought it at Girls Day out for $5 (small size 50g). It's green, gel like texture. When you rub it on your face , you massage for a few minutes and little white granules start to form. It makes me think i am rubbing the dirt away. Apparently, these are dead skin.
After that, you rinse off and you get silky smooth soft skin!!!

It's pretty good i must say. Compared to a similar product i have used - Beloved whitening exfoliating gel, i must say i like this one better. THey are the same texture, same effect but i feel this one cleans better? Beloved is more expensive though - about NZD50-60 if i remember correctly.

Best place to get Ginvera is probably ebay or you can get it at and for beloved, you can get it at (if you read chinese) or

L'occitane brightening serum

L'occitane had a VIP 20% off that day. so I bought this finally. I have been wanting to review this but havent had the chance because it cost quite a bit!!! Retailed for NZD98.00 i got it for about 70ish which is ok.
I am loving this at the moment. I love the smell, the texture (gel-like). I didn't like the immortelle oil because i don't like putting oil on my face. The precious cream was good for night cream too. Few years ago, i bought the sunscreen spf40 (due to high spf) but i suspect it causes clogged pore so i havent been using it.

This one does not clog pore and it seems to even out my skintone and slowly brightening it. Its not a dramatic effect but i am sure i am getting there!!! Do try it if you see it on sale or you can get it at for around NZD75

Rocketfuel for the hair

So i have been using this for few weeks now. I must say it is pretty good. Not so much about repairing cos my hair is still very badly damaged - due to everyday iron use (i am on the quest to find a new iron as my new shine therapy Remington iron seems to be useless now).

Anyway, this is good because it seems to make my hair grow faster. I had to get it trimed 2x since i used it because it was just growing thicker and thicker. I cant really comment on the repair hair side of things because i still notice my hair is damaged. But overall, i dont think ill buy it again because at NZD70, it's quite expensive!!! But since it grows my hair faster, ill give it a 3stars :)