Monday, November 15, 2010

Trip overseas

I've just been overseas to europe (france/italy), thailand, malaysia and korea. My wallet has taken a hit. I've come back with so many skincare goodies! Sometimes i wish i can stay in asia as there are just too many women with nice skin!

Anyway, I've purchased these on my trip overseas
  • Lancome Genifique Serum - This costed me a whopping NZD250 for 100ML bottle.
  • Kose Sekkisei set (Cleanser, toner and moisturizer) - It's cheap okay..can't remember how much though
  • I'm not gonna leave france without stopping by their beauty counter! I bought la roche posay hydrating cream
  • Bioderma whitening gel - i was too tanned from the sun
  • The beauty capital of asia. I had to try their top range skincare
  • Skin79 BB cream pink range
  • History of Whoo Ja Saeng serum set - USD119. Appparently this is the elixir of life for the skin. I'll be the judge of that. In this set, you get a 50ML serum, 25ml serum plus a trial size cleanser, toner and moisturizer
  • So, i was at the airport, i've got some leftover baht. What do i do? Shop for skincare of course!!!
  • Shu uemuera skin rejuvenating kit - cleansing oil, rose water, rejuvenating cream, refining lotion and a vitalizing concentrate. I thought it was pretty good deal for its price.
  • Origins skin rejuvenating trial set - You get the cleansing milk, rejuvenating lotion, rejuvenating serum and the rejuvenating moisturizer.  So far this is my favourite
Will post reviews of each soon. YES I've tried all of them :p

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