Monday, November 15, 2010

Lancome Genifique

I was at KLIA (Kuala lumpur international airport) waiting for my flight back home. I had about 2-3 hours wait. So as usual, i was looking at the beauty and cosmetics counter. I saw that this serum is on sale for RM549 (which is about nzd260++). It's 100ML and i was thinking man it better be some good serum.
The MUA came and talked to me. He is gay definitely but he told me that the serum is the best he has ever used. bla bla bla 

These are lancome's pitching lines
"Youth is in your genes. Reactivate it.
Discover the skin you were born to have.
Lancôme invents our first skincare that boosts the activity of genes.
At the very origin of your skin’s youth: your genes.
Genes produce specific proteins. With age, their presence diminishes."

(not so sure about discover the skin i was born to have as I have bad skin since im teen haha)

After talking to me for 15 minutes, im sucked into buying it. Well it is a pretty good deal considering 50ML is normally RM418!.....

Anyway, the texture is gel / water like and its murky white colour. I've been using it for about 3 months now. To be honest i dont knw if there is any effect? I dont think my skin is any better or worse. But i keep using it as it is expensive!!! I did notice that my face is plumper. Not sure if it's from the collagen in the serum (if any) or im just fatter..

I probably won't recommend buying it for its price. I'll give it a 3 stars out of 5. 3 for not breaking me out!

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