Monday, March 15, 2010

Sana whitening essence (soy range)

I found a little treasure at It's sana arbutin whitening essence. It's only NZD20.00 i think.
Anyway, I've got sunburnt from summer (all those outdoor activities). Out of sadness, i ordered this since it has good reviews on and its cheap.
After few weeks of using, my face is fairer. If you know me, you can check my fb pictures and it is fairer than before. I've also had reduced break outs. Even if i get breakouts, it seems to have reduce the scarring rate????
Am i exaggerating? Try it because its only nzd20.00! Im now trying the sana soy cleanser and arbutin lotion.
Will update after few weeks of using. So far i think i prefer the iope whitening cleanser ...but we'll see.

Link to sasa (order here)

Update 10/07/2010 - I have been using this for the last few months and I am on my 4th tube. highly recommended :)