Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Eyelash serum

I was on a quest to find the best eyelash serum. I sourced all the forums and tried to find the most cost-effective way to make it work. I have miserable short eyelash. They are probably 4mm long.

Basically, a proven way to grow your eyelash is to use lumigan - applied like an eyeliner. I used this for few weeks. Lumigan is a drug to treat glaucoma. There are concerns about its safety but as long as you don't get it into your eyes, it's fine. There are dermatologists that prescribe this to grow your eyelash.

After using this, i did get noticable growth. I did find my eyelids were slightly red. But otherthan that, i probably increased my length 80%! The annoying thing is after the eyelashes drops off, the new ones that grow are not as long. So i have to start all over again. You can't get this without prescription unless you buy it from online chemist (not sure how trustworthy they are)

Next, i found this little gem in Malaysia - SASA outlet (http://www.sasa.com/).

This is kjinco eyelash growth serum (http://www.kjinco.com/). It costed about NZD40. You can buy them online or by contacting kjinco. I used this and noticed my eyelash has grown 50%. I found this to be slower compared to lumigan.

I have found another lash serum to try. It is new and it's called rapidlash. I've only been on this for 2 days so i will update after a few weeks with pictures.

Hair extensions

I have decided to order the tembond from http://www.manemaxx.com/. I have been wanting to try this system out. I myself have tried the following methods and found them to be unsatisfactory

  • micro links - this pulls your hair out and the keratin bond goes white

  • weave - this hurts the scalp too much and it itches

I bought the tembond and heater for USD81.00 (plus shipping) and then i went on a quest to search for the right hair.

I decide to go for body wave this time as my hair is wavy in nature. After some research, i was deciding between Ego Remy body wave or Saga Aksent. Then i decided to go for saga due to better reviews.

I'll keep you posted of my progress once they arrive.

Total spent: NZD270

Quoted from hairdresser: NZD540

Update 14/11/09

Sad to say this did not work out for me. When i received the heater, it burnt because i was using different voltage here in NZ. So i bought another one and melt the wax. It was kinda liquidy texture (like water) but it dries so fast. I did not even manage to get one strand onto my hair. The wax dried too fast and i was probably too impatient. But only then did i realize if it takes 10 minutes to try to put the hair on, how long it's gonna take to do the whole head??

The problems are

- The wax does not "catch" your hair that well. What i mean is that when you dip the strand in the wax and put it over your own hair, it doesn't actually catch your hair. All i ended up was a bunch of hair that i cut from the weave with dried up wax at the tip.

- It's actually hard to get the bits of wax off my hair. I had to pry it off and it does not Crumble into dust as advertised.

- I DO NOT HAVE THE PATIENCE. Maybe if i pay someone 300 bucks to do it for me , it will work. But even with the wax dried i don't see how it's going to be comfortable?

- All in all, it was disappointing as i tried 3x and it just didn't work out for me.

In the end, i resorted to braiding method with each strand braided to my hair. I must say this is the most comfortable hair extension i have ever worn but it requires high skilled person to do it for you (probably only asians know how to do it). i got the person's number from trade me. Feel free to leave a comment if you want her number (in Auckland).

By the way, she said the hair i bought from hairsisters.com is fake!!!!!!! Argh! So please beware. Her hair is good though. I paid for her hair and it's real human hair and it doesn't tangle. I have tried so many different hair and hers is the best. (Note: i have even tried hair from the african braiding shop on K Road)