Saturday, November 27, 2010

Antipodes butter cleanser

Alright my skin is a slut. I mean it doesnt like old stuff and just want me to always buy new stuff to nourish it. *hangs head in shame*. It's been breaking out a bit lately which i think is due to either origins or my expensive lancome serum. Dont worry i think they are great but perhaps a bit too rich for summer.

So i went to smiths caugheys (Auckland) sale. It was 25% off everything night. Sucker i am went to skin care section and saw antipodes. My skin has an affinity to like natural products. The SA said that if i buy two product, i get lovely exfoliating cream.
Free gift

AFter choosing and poking and trying on all the skincare range, i was seduced by the butter cleanser

I was worried that it may be oily. But when the SA put some on my skin and wipe away with hot water towel. It actually feels good!

I decided to get the night cream too:
Hey 92% sounds good..why not right. The total of these two items come to about NZD95++ which is okay considering i get the exfoliator free. At the moment im loving the cleanser

Will update results soon ^


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