Monday, November 23, 2009


So, in the quest to find the world's best cleanser to clean my skin. Many many times i notice that cleanser doesn't really clean my skin that well. Like they don't even dig deep down into my pore and i have to squeeze my pore all the time to get rid of the yukky gunk (*and squeeze my boyfriend's nose though he complains that it is the most painful thing ever)
Anyway, after searching high and low, i noice that Yon-ka cleansing gel (blue colour) has very high reviews at both and .

For the first time, after i wash my face, my make up are all washed off. There are no traces of black panda eyes after a shower!!! I am truly converted. I also notice that my pores are smaller and less visible. But it's only been two days. I'll update after a month :)

I also bought Mask 103 to go with it. It also has high reviews. It is a deep cleansing mask. And supposed to suck the dirt out of your pores and give it a good cleanse. I tried it once yesterday and I must say it's pretty good. My face feels clean but not tight after the mask.

In total i paid NZD70 for both. I bought them from ebay and the cleanser was 8ml x 10 mini bottles which is handy cos i can take them to the gym etc. The mask is full size. I think that's pretty cheap! is expensive. I think if you want to give it a try, buy it on ebay.

I am now using Yonka (or Yon-ka) in conjunction with L'occitane brightening serum (which i bought that day when L'occitane has 20% off *shame*) . I know i know i am a skincare junkie.

*I stopped using skinactives as i am not sure if they are doing anything. I will re-use them after i review Yon-ka and L'occitane. I don't really like the texture of skinactives serum. They look murky and precipitated. *sigh*

Reviews to come:

L'occitane brightening serum

Ginvera Marvel Gel/Hydrating cream/Eye Gel (YES...i bought more stuff at girls day out...*Double shame* )

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Eyelash serum #2

I decided to do a follow up post on eyelash serum. I have realized that the serum that ACTUALLY helped my lashes to grow (besides lumigan) is brow and lash serum

I used this diligently for about few months and my eyelash is probably 2x longer?

Ill post a picture of my lashes soon. This is really cheap too. Get it from for USD9.50.


RapidLash did not do anything for me. I nearly finished the whole bottle and nothing happened to my lash. Also i tried Zino lash serum and it doesnt work either. Don't waste your money

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Juice beauty reviews

I find that my skin loves natural/organic skincare. I found Juice beauty at a local pharmacy and thought ill buy a kit to try out. Here are my three favourites:

Green Apple SPF 15 Moisturizer
This claims to brighten your skin and protect it. It has anti-aging ingredients like DMAE and co-enzyme Q10, Vit A, Vit C and natural glycolic from raw cane sugar
  • I love the texture. It's thick cream but not oily at all. It's kinda like apple paste cream. I am not sure if it brightens my complexion but my skin do feel better after i use it. I think it evens out my skintone. I didn't have any break outs after using it. I'll update after a month. I still haven't found my Holy grail sunscreen.
Green apple peel
This claims to improve skin tone and texture with hydroxy acid complex
  • This has gel like texture. When i first put it on my face, there's a slight stinging sensation which comes from the acid. After i wash it off, my skin do feel smoother. What i like bout this is that it seems to clear my pores (until it gets clogged up again next day) lol
  • Note that this product has high review from
  • I think the cheapest is at strawberrynet for NZD51.00 (more discount if you buy more)
  • I will highly recommend it for a weekly organic peel. If you don't mind non-organic, perhaps try cheaper option Laneige strawberry peeling gel or Beloved whitening exfoliating gel (reviews to come)

Blemish clearing serum
Claims to reduce blemishes, dark spots and age spots. Contains apple,lemon, raw sugar
  • I like this as a "preventive" approach to pimples. I use it after i cleanse my skin (kinda like how i used to use benzoyl peroxide but i read that BP causes dark scars)
  • I had a pimple on my forehead that day (non-erupted) and i slathered on a good amount of serum on it. The next day, it was gone.
  • So, i think i like it but it still has not got rid of clogged pores on my chin (which i'm on a quest to find the perfect product to do this)
  • I find that my whiteheads/blackheads seem to come out easier after i use the Juice beauty range. However, pore size is still the same.
  • I will definitely keep using this as a natural way to prevent pimples if you don't like to use benzoyl peroxide. Compared to Aesop camomile mask, i think this is a better alternative to combat pimple. Aesop mask leaves dark scar on my skin when i leave it on for too long (the sales said i can leave it on as a treatment overnight -_-)

Overall, ill probably rate juice beauty a 3.5 out of 5. It didn't do WONDERS to my face but didn't do harm too. I think i like the blemish serum out of all 3. I think it is a bit expensive but since it's organic, it's understandable. It didn't do too much to my pore size (though maybe it's still early )

23/11/09 UPDATE****

I've stopped using this day and night because i noticed that freckles became more noticable. Maybe the acid is too strong for me or the sunscreen was not strong enough? Anyway, i'm not too happy about the freckles and it looked like i had lots of blackhead on my nose. So i stopped using this. :(

Reviews to come

- Yonka cleansing gel and mask

- SANA whitening serum

- Aesop range