Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sana Soybean products

Since Sana whitening essence, i bought the cleanser, toner and lotion to try as well. It's really cheap and worth it!!!

So I bought
1. Sana soybean cleanser
    This is so so. It cleanses okay but doesn't do wonders. I prefer ACMEDICA Medicated Deep Wash (100 g)
2. Sana soybean whitening toner
   This is pretty good. Its mild and gentle on the face and i can feel it whitens any acne scar that i have. Mind you since i started using sana essence, i havent got much flare ups.
3. Sana arrbutin lotion
  I think this is a bit rich for me. But its very moisturizing and great when i get dry skin spell

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